In this section, we present biological curiosities on various subjects, such as the human body, animal kingdom and scientific research.

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What is swine flu?

Contamination, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Immunization, Why does swine flu kill? How can I do to prevent flu?… More

The whys of our body

Why do we lose milk teeth? How old are we growing up? How do we get old? Why don't our teeth look the same? … more

The whys of animals

Is it true that cats see at night? Why do ants move in an Indian queue? Why should we drive away the flies? Why are cockroaches so nasty? Do the parrots really speak? … more

Curiosities of the animal kingdom

The biggest, the heaviest, the longest, the oldest, the loudest, the strongest, the most poisonous, the sharpest smell. … more

Other curiosities

Can scare cure the hiccup? How does the cough reflex happen? How does the sneeze reflex happen? Why is it impossible to sneeze with your eyes open? … more

Carbon credits

What they are and how to buy carbon credits. Also know the flexibility mechanisms. … more

5 Scary Things You Didn't Know About Ants

Learn why these insects can be one of the scariest animals on earth. … more

7 Impressive Discoveries Made by Children

Adults are not alone in playing important roles in science. Discover some impressive discoveries made by children. … more

Top 10 Comic Superheroes Most Likely to Come True

Meet the ten most likely superheroes to exist in real life. … more

Discover the 10 most poisonous animals in the world

Meet the ten most poisonous animals in the world. … more

Cows are more responsible for climate change than you think

Beef and dairy production emits more gases than the means of transport. … more

5 facts and curiosities about orcas, the "killer whales"

Learn facts and curiosities about orcas. … more

Why do roosters sing every day before dawn?

Find out why roosters sing in the morning. … more

Animal Sense: 20 Things You Don't Know

20 things you don't know about animals. … more

What would happen to Earth if all humans disappeared?

What would happen if humans left Earth. … more